The Value in Vulnerability and Co-Creation with Your Clients with Anna Boon

By Alexa Ward

How can you get your clients to buy into the idea of building something together?


In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I sat down with one of our top facilitators, Anna Boon, to talk about her favorite parts of the GrowBIG® Training- Building Everything Together. We are going deep into the topic and Anna is sharing what you need to know so that you can learn to co-create something amazing with your clients. If you want to elevate your expertise and stand out in your field, this episode is for you!


Topics We Cover in This Episode:


  • The benefits of Building Everything Together
  • Strategies to make this happen with your clients
  • The Ikea Effect and how it relates to this principle
  • The science behind how this idea works
  • How we can overcome objections to this strategy
  • The value in vulnerability
  • The different areas of Building Everything Together
  • A good practice to begin to leverage this concept with your clients
  • Anna’s trick for continuous learning and holding herself accountable


I hope you enjoyed this episode with Anna! There is really something powerful about getting your clients to buy into co-creating with you. If you want to learn more about the science behind it, check out the studies on The IKEA Effect here. 


If you want to get in touch with Anna, you can follow her on LinkedIn or contact her at!


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