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Every successful career hinges on two things: Doing The Work and Winning The Work. Both delivering value on the current work and developing the relationships that create future opportunities are vital for long term success. Whether you’re in a new role or want new outcomes, the most powerful results come from prioritizing both Doing The Work and Winning The Work.

But, excelling at both is the hardest job there is because the mindset and moves you need to Win The Work are the exact opposite of what you need to Do The Work. And worse yet, they’re rarely taught.
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Grow your business by growing your relationships.

Nearly all the common advice about growing a business points at getting the deal done. Give the pitch, push the prospect, and close the deal. Relationships are rarely mentioned at all, and if they are, the focus is on persuasion and pressure. It just doesn’t feel right.

And sure, a great deal might make your year, but a great relationship can make your entire career.

The better approach is to invest in relationships, creating wins for everyone at every turn, even before a decision is made. When you focus on relationships, you’re focused on helping instead of selling. You win more of the work directly in front of you. You create demand for the higher value work you want to do for the clients you want to do it for. And when this flywheel of success starts spinning, everything becomes effortless. Give To Grow will show you:

No matter where you are in your career, Give to Grow will help you build the relationships you need to make the impact you want.
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