The Four-Part Framework to Navigate The Workplace and Achieve Massive Success with Dr. Michelle King

By Alexa Ward

Show Notes

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In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I sat down with Dr. Michelle King who is the author of the book How Work Works. She is here to talk about ways that you can navigate the workplace using science and simple steps.  Michelle has been researching this topic for a while and she is sharing what it really takes to get ahead in your career.


Topics We Cover in This Episode:


The single most important factor in your career success

The ambiguity paradox in the new world of work

Why having social skills is so important, especially now

The power of building trust within your network and managing your reputation

The impact of building informal networks

The top thing you can do to build deep and personal relationships

Why you have to diversify your efforts

How to dial up your self-awareness

How to ask for feedback that is effective and helpful

How informal development works and why you have to take ownership of it

How to give yourself meaning in work


I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Michelle and that you’re able to take these simple steps to get ahead and navigate the workplace in a way that increases your success.


Learn more about Michelle and download her 52-week program on How Work Works at You can also check out her new book here!


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