Team-based Growth Strategies and Systems That Actually Work with Erin Carlson of BCG

This episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue is about to be considered one of your favorite episodes of all time! I sat down with Erin Carlson and we are sharing some completely new content that we have never shared on the show before! Whether you have a client-facing role, you’re a leader, or you’re a marketing professional, Erin is going to give you some world-class tips on things like how to hold yourself accountable, how to create the right habits, how to track the right things, and so much more. Topics We Cover in This Episode: The impact of having the right people on your team Why we have to be the ones creating the best opportunities for growth The power of having a strategic thought partner The critically important aspect of business development strategy Finding the times to have important conversations with clients Why you need to fall in love with your client’s problems and find ways to help How to manage the planning piece in your big meetings Ways to help people do the hard things that they will be glad they did later Why having data-driven recommendations is essential Lagging and leading data that is making the most impact Erin’s pro tips for metrics How to influence those around you by asking for help The power of asking for favors to create influence The things Erin and her team are doing are the best I’ve seen in the world, and she’s always on the lookout for new talent so reach out if you or someone you know is a good fit.. I hope you found this episode with Erin as helpful as I did! If you want to learn more from Erin, you can follow her on LinkedIn and reach out to her at carlson.erin@bcg.com.


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