Practical Tips to Create the Best Team Ever with Team Culture Pro & Best-Selling Author David Burkus

By Alexa Ward

In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I sat down with David Burkus who is a returning guest to the show. He is the author of Best Team Ever, a short and sharp read about the fundamentals of team culture. His goal is to help you understand the elements of team culture that really drive performance and take action to move the needle forward on your own team culture. We are either all on teams or leading them, so I know that everyone can get a tremendous amount of value out of this conversation so that you can have the best teams ever.


Topics We Cover in This Episode:


The three elements of the team culture triangle and why they’re so important

How empathy can help you predict behavior on the team and shape your own behavior in the best way possible

Why having conversations about conversations and communication is so powerful

The importance of psychological safety so that you can make failure safe and build trust with your team

Tips for being an active listener and supporting others

Why teams that know they’re making an impact are more likely to succeed

Practical things you can do to show and reinforce pro-social impact


I hope you enjoyed this conversation with David! His pro-social purpose is to make work better. If we build the best team ever, we're building an environment at work and an environment in life for more people that's engaging, inspiring, and motivating.


If you want to learn more from David, make sure to check out his website and get a copy of his book Best Team Ever. This book is easy to read and powerful, so I know you’re going to love it. Make sure to also check out his TED Talk! 


Resources Mentioned:

Visit David’s website

Get a copy of David’s book Best Team Ever

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