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How To Adopt a Growth Mindset and Reach Your Goals with Jon Acuff

Welcome back to Real Relationships Real Revenue! This season, we are going back to long-form interviews and I am really excited to dive in with you. The theme of this season is going to be centered around the mindset of growth – both personally and in your book of business. And who better to kick this season off with than the person who wrote the book on mindset soundtracks,  Jon Acuff!

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • The Venn diagram to a bestselling idea
  • The three things you’ll learn from Jon’s new book
  • How to tackle identity if you have a broken soundtrack
  • How to follow up in a non-naggy way
  • Why crisis is an invitation to innovation
  • Idea bankruptcy
  • Why writing things down matters
  • Lies we tell ourselves
  • How to handle setbacks and successes
  • Why goals are hard for many people

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Jon. I love how he focuses not only on starting the things you say you will, but seeing them all the way through to the middle and end as well. He is such an inspiring person to talk to, especially if you are ready to finally start achieving the goals that matter to you.

If you want to learn more about Jon, make sure to check out his website and join his free challenge here. It’s a three-day goal challenge to help you reach your goals this year. You can also listen to his podcast All It Takes Is A Goal and get your hands on his books here.

Resources Mentioned:

Visit Jon’s website

Check out Jon’s books

Join Jon’s free challenge

Listen to Jon’s podcast

Check out the Finish Calendar

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