Your Growth Guide: How Business Development Is A Heart And People Centered Sport With John Tigh

How Business Development Is A Heart And People Centered Sport With John Tigh

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I had the pleasure of interviewing John Tigh, founder and partner at Clever Cognitive.

Mo asked John:

“Can you tell me of the moment that you realized growth is great?”

John responded:

“You know the truth is I was bitten by a radioactive statement of work about a dozen years ago and ever since then I’ve just had this incredible superpower for crafting the right statement of work in the right moment. The truth is actually a little less sexy than that.

Mo joked:

“Do you like spin a web and pull people? I know where you are headed with this metaphor. I love it!”

John continues:

“I don’t want to get into any IP conflicts with anyone over spiderwebs, but certainly webs of convoluted business process is probably about where I play. I’ve been working in consulting and you know there’s that dual life of delivery plus looking for the next gig. So, I wasn’t a very good sales person. I always thought sales was icky and a sort of car salesman kind of vibe. It wasn’t until honestly you and I had connected through GrowBIG and I really started rethinking that. I don’t even consider myself a sales person now, I’m a relationship person. The better I cultivate relationships, the more likely it is that I will be of service at some point to those individuals in the future. I have a sort of open door policy. I am a collector of people. One of my favorite things to ask folks when I go through this process of getting to know them is I ask them what I consider my uncomfortable question. Which is, “What makes you a unique and special flower?” That typically will crack people in two very specific directions: the high energy, “Can’t wait to get creative and talk about this!” and the recoiling, “Not exactly sure if I should call HR. Let me think about that for a minute.” Then is usually business related. That typically breaks right brain and left brain pretty consistently for me. So that is when I started in business development to think, “Wow this is a heart and people-centered sport.” If I can be of service, that really energizes me and I want to do more of that.

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The better you can cultivate relationships, the more likely it is that you will have a chance to be of service to those people in the future.

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