Going Back In Time, What Jonathan Reckford Would Say To His Younger Self

Mo asks Jonathan Reckford: You get to magically record a video and send it back to your younger self with some advice. What do you say?

  • Jonathan spent most of his youth thinking about what he wanted to do instead of who he wanted to be. He would tell his younger self to focus on the ‘who’ before the ‘what’ first.
  • If you never fail, it’s likely you’re not going big enough.
  • Hope is built in the community. Volunteering gives you a sense of the community and how you can bring the virtues of kindness and love into the world.
  • Following your passion is incomplete. You need to search for the intersection between what you’re passionate about and where your skills, ability, and talent lie.
  • Jonathan tells the story of Doris, and how he grew up in a poor neighborhood in North Carolina and how his life completely changed after his mom qualified to buy a Habitat house in Optimist Park. Doris is the first person to grow up in a Habitat for Humanity house and to serve on the board as well.
  • The story perfectly encapsulates the mission and purpose of Habitat for Humanity and how giving people a platform and foundation for a stable, healthy life can impact their community and society as a whole.



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Our Better Angels: Seven Simple Virtues That Will Change Your Life and the World by Jonathan Reckford

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