Getting To Yes (3 of 3)

What’s On My Mind

This is the final email in a three-part series on getting to the yes.

​OK, let’s say a client is interested in hiring you, and you’ve gotten over the first hurdle of them asking themselves…

Do I want to focus on this work?

(If you want to learn more about this, check out the article HERE.)

​The next hurdle to get over is them asking themselves…

Do I want to focus on this work now?

​(Link to that one HERE.)

Here’s the final hurdle they’re thinking through…

Do I want to focus on this work now with you and your team?


This one’s personal.

​The key to this one is unique positioning.

​If you’re unique in the decision maker’s mind, choosing you is a foregone conclusion.

​If not…

​They’ll talk to someone else, put things out to bid, or just plain…pause.

How do you become unique in the mind of the buyer?

More below!

What We Just Created

I know, I know.

​This is going to sound like hyperbole.

It’s not.

We’re about to unveil our biggest, free, value add of all time.

No exaggeration. I’ve spent 30+ personal hours on this to give it to you and your teams.

I’ll announce it in next week’s newsletter, right here, in this section.

Stay tuned…

(And how’s that for creating some curiosity?)

What’s Worth Lingering On

Back to becoming unique in the mind of the buyer.

So, how do you do it?

Design a message specifically for this opportunity.

Then communicate it.

Communicate how no one else can deliver like you can.

You probably already know people remember things in 3s and believe things in 3s.

(Of course, see Chapter 3 of The Snowball System for more!)

​So, find three things that are beneficial to the client and unique to you.

​Search for the obvious.

Keep it simple.

​Communicate clearly.

​Pro ninja tip: use a “so you can…” framework to bridge your positioning to their benefits in the same sentence.

​They might be things like:

  • We can start right now, so you can get quick wins by the Board meeting.
  • Our teams like each other from our past successes, so you can ensure your team will learn a lot and enjoy the process.
  • We’ve calculated the ROI and offered fees at risk, so you can rest assured we’ll be successful together.

There are a million ways you can be unique.

Find them for this opportunity, specifically.

​Focus on three. Forget the rest.

​​The research shows that’s the best.

(Other research shows people believe things that rhyme, but I’ll cover that another time.)

​You get the idea.

​Don’t leave it to the client to figure out how you’re unique.

It’s too confusing.

They have enough going on.

​For the high-stakes efforts, figure it out for them.

Get it to three.

​Translate your uniqueness to how they’ll benefit.

​Communicate clearly.

Subconsciously, they’ll realize there’s no choice but you.

That’ll get things going.

And getting things going helps everyone.


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