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What’s On My Mind

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power of creating high-quality digital content.

​It nurtures client relationships.

​It attracts prospects.

​It lets Raving Fans to rave.

​What does digital content look like?

​It could be hosting and recording a webinar. Taping a speech. Getting on a podcast. Or starting your own.

​Here’s some data from our own digital asset: our show, Relationships Real Revenue.

​First, background.

We started taping short how-to business development videos several years ago, and people loved them. This let us start small and evolve our approach.

It was clunky at first, but it got easier and easier.

​(We used them to build a searchable Learning Library you can access here.)

​We decided over a year ago to take things to the next level, to create a video podcast/show.

​We went for:

  • Quality over quantity
  • Amazing guests like Dan Pink, Kelley O’Hara, Michael Hyatt and James Clear
  • Alternating episodes of me interviewing guests with episodes where I apply their concepts to business development

​Season One is a wrap, and here’s some early data.

​I invested almost exactly 100 hours in the season and it’s been live 6 months.


  • 275,000+ minutes of content consumed
  • Over 20 client opportunities generated or heavily influenced
  • Back catalog is continuing to attract new listeners, without any promotion
  • Aggregate consumption is growing and we’re in between seasons, not even adding new content
  • Well above average consumption rates for the interview shows
  • Nearly double average consumption rates for the shows where it’s just me applying interviewee concepts

​That’s crazy.

​The numbers are far more than I ever expected.

​The biggest surprise?

​People listen longer to the shows with just me than the ones where I interview our all-star guests.

​Takeaways for you:

  • Listeners want to hear from the expert. They want to hear from you.
  • You can start small. I taped videos myself for about 5 years and they worked great.
  • We’ve always gone for quality over quantity. That’s important.
  • Starting small lets you perfect your craft and evolve. Think big, start small, scale up.
  • Most importantly: digital assets sit out on the internet and keep working for you forever.

Unrecorded events can work, but they can fade in a few days.

​Digital content gains momentum and can pay off for decades.

​I really believe that.


​I figured the podcast would pay off over the long haul.

​What I’m stunned by?

​It’s paid off in 6 short months

And we’re just getting started.

What We Just Created

Speaking of show, we’re taping Season Two!

​You’re going to be blown away by guests and a new format no one has ever done before.


​You’re going to want to subscribe to both the video version and the audio version.

​Subscribe to the video version here.

​Subscribe to the audio version here.


​Each version is going to have unique content in Season Two.

​This is something that hasn’t been done before in podcasting.

​We’re going to take things to the next level…

What To Revisit

We’ve had one video go viral. From the words of a a watcher:

This is perhaps the best video I have watched dealing with the current situation we find ourselves in due to the Pandemic.

Check it out here.

The leader above shared this one with his leadership team. Feel free to do the same.

What’s Coming Up

Super excited for our December content in GrowBIG Accelerator.

​We’re going to guide the members through developing a rock solid plan to crush 2021.

​Don’t have a plan? Join and you will.

​Have a plan? We’ll make it even better.

​GrowBIG Accelerator costs $149/month, and you can cancel at any time.

​And since the first month is complimenrary, you can leverage the December content to develop your plan to blow out 2021 at no charge.

​More here.

What’s Making Me Smile

This quote is really resonating with me this week:

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.”

– Francis Bacon

That makes me smile.

What’s Worth Lingering On

Digital content can work for you forever.

​Ask yourself two questions, one reactive and one proactive:

What am I already doing that I could record and use to create digital content?

What content would my clients and prospects value that I could create?

​Like anything great, it takes some work to create digital content.

But once it’s out there, it can work for you for decades.


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