Closing Deals is Easier When Creating Curiosity Through the Perfect Buy-in Process (Increase Sales)

Curiosity is an intrinsic motivator. You should try to create curiosity for your services as soon as you can in a conversation.

People are highly motivated to experience curiosity and it’s one of the key elements of a great buy-in process.

Consider your favorite serialized show. It probably ends each episode with an irresistible cliffhanger. This is a great metaphor for what you can do within and between meetings.

At the end of your next meeting, talk about the impacts of the next step and how you can’t wait to go over the results.

If you move too quickly, you squash curiosity. You want things unresolved to give people something to look forward to in the next meeting.

Think about what you can leave unresolved at the end of your next meeting.


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