Brian Caffarelli’s Favorite Business Development Strategy

Mo asks Brian Caffarelli: What is your favorite science, step, or strategy from the GrowBIG Training or Snowball System?

  • Whole brain thinking stands out the most to Brian. When trying to communicate, it’s easy to over index on the message and under index on the individual receiving the message. The Herrmann Brain Dominance model allows you to understand the preferences of the receiver so you can craft a message that will resonate with them.
  • Good questions are the prompt that people need to think out loud and identify the problems they are facing.
  • If you’re in a conversation with a prospect, one of your goals should be to reduce the amount of words that are open to interpretation. The more you know exactly what they are saying the better.
  • Success in business development often comes down to simply forming really good habits.
  • One habit that Brian works hard on is always finding something of value to the client that he holds most dear. This habit keeps them top of mind and helps him identify new opportunities for adding value.
  • Brian spends a half an hour each morning scanning for new research with another hour each Saturday.
  • Think like your buyer and make that habitual so that becomes the way you enter the conversation.



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