Becoming Great At Anything By Creating a Business Development Mindset

Every expertise, no matter the field, is both learned and earned.

You can become great at anything if you break it down into little pieces and practice each piece.

You may not become world-class or be able to play in the NBA, but you can certainly become very good at that particular skill, and the key is deliberate practice.

By breaking down the big skill into smaller micro-skills and deliberately practicing those individually, you build your overall skill set.

The second component of deliberate practice is having a mentor guide you along the path towards expertise.

When it comes to business development, what kinds of attractive content can you create to get your name out there? What valuable thing do you have to offer the world that you can get out there and expose others to your way of thinking?

Once you’ve got a system for generating content and attracting leads, it becomes a matter of turning those connections into one-to-one conversations.

This is where the Give to Get comes in. Start solving client problems in a small, bite-sized way, and it can open the door to bigger opportunities.

If you think you can’t do what someone else is doing, toss that out of your mind. Narrow what they do down to a specific skill that you can improve on and get to work.

Don’t worry about how you stack up with others. It doesn’t matter. Focus on your own skills, always getting a little bit better all the time.

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