Andrew Cogar’s Favorite Business Development Strategy

Mo asks Andrew Cogar: What is your favorite science, step, or story in the GrowBIG Training or Snowball System?

  • For Andrew, building out their Give-to-Get toolkit stands out the most.
  • Showing genuine interest in a prospect and how you can help them got Andrew and the team really excited.
  • The Give-to-Get helps you create demand for your expertise by offering a person the experience of working with you. A good metaphor is watching the trailer for the movie before going to the movie theater to watch the whole thing.
  • Each town and community are unique, so for Andrew the Give-to-Get is about documenting what excites his team about the town and helps the prospect appreciate the gems in their own backyard.
  • It builds trust while showing that Andrew’s team has done their research and some listening and dreaming on what’s possible for their home.
  • Robert Cialdini created the framework for influence that people use everyday and he decoded the six most influential factors in a relationship: likability, reciprocity, authority, scarcity, social proof, and commitment. The Give-to-Get checks all those boxes.
  • We only have a limited number of hours in the day, and by spending time on something valuable, reaching out is an honest expression of the excitement and enthusiasm of your firm.
  • If you figure out who you want to work with, you can free up time by not chasing work you don’t care about, and use the Give-to-Get method to pursue work that you have a greater chance of winning and that you love working on.
  • Think small ball. Going for the grand slams makes learning harder, and more often than not, small projects lead to bigger projects.



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