Your #1 Skill To Implement In 2022

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

Here's the #1 skill I want you to focus on in 2022.

I can't believe how many people resist it.

​I can't believe how little time it takes.

​And I can't believe how much it's a win/win, helping every person involved.

​The skill?
​​Asking for help.


​Did you feel it?

​The resistance?

​Mo, I shouldn't ask for help! I'm the expert! I should serve!

That's the wrong way to think about it.

​I see it every day.

​The experts that ask for help outperform those that don't.

​Three reasons asking for help helps you:

  1. You'll add to and advance your opportunities–people like to help!​
  2. You'll deepen relationships–science shows mutually beneficial relationships are the strongest!
  3. You'll get leverage on your time–asking for help delivers big rewards for little time invested!

So how do you do it and feel good about it?

​I'll give you three VERY practical ways below.

​They're small, easy, and feel great to the person you ask.

​But, first, for you doubters...

What We Just Created

Here's another HUGE gift for your 2022.

I'm sure you noticed what's been going on over at the podcast: I put Season Three of Real Relationships Real Revenue on hold this month, so I could bring you the top four ideas you need to be successful in 2022.

​Idea 1: Michael Hyatt and I help you create a vision for 2022.

Idea 2: James Clear and I show you how to build the BD habits to achieve that vision. (Did you see James Clear's book Atomic Habits was the #1 nonfiction book sold this year? Yay!)

​And Idea 3 just dropped this week:

Yale social scientist Marissa King and I cover why asking for help works.


​Walked you right into that one.

​Seriously, if you have ANY reservations about asking for help, watch that video.

It's only 14 minutes–and I even re-recorded the intro to help you focus on 2022.

​And bonus: Marissa shares her favorite ways she asks for help.

Those 14 minutes will completely reframe how you think about asking for help.

What's I Could Use Your Help With

Time to practice what I preach.

We're hiring!

We're bringing on a new set of GrowBIG facilitators and coaches


I could use your help getting the word out.

Would you mind sharing this job description on social media or with friends you know might be interested?


What's Worth Lingering On

OK, so how do you ask for help and feel comfortable?

​Three tips:

  1. Make it small.​
  2. Make it easy.​
  3. Make it feel great.

​Practical examples:

  1. Can I get your advice on how I can add more value to your company?​
  2. Would you have a few minutes to review my growth plan for next year? I really value your opinion.​
  3. What would you do if you were me as I try to ___?

​See how small the request can be?

​See how easy it would be for your clients and Strategic Partners to engage?

​And most importantly...​

Can you see how it would feel great from their side to help?

​Let's flip the script for a second.

Think about what it feels like to be asked for help.

​It feels great to help someone.

​It feels amazing to share your opinion.

​It feels flattering when someone asks.

So why wouldn't you give that great feeling to your clients and Strategic Partners?

​I'll put it this way.

​In training 20,000+ experts since we started BIG 16+ years ago...

​In leading 100s of sessions this year...

​In advising some of the top experts in the world to grow their impact...

Asking for help is the #1 skill most people should do but don't.

Now it's time to help yourself...

Who would you like to deepen a relationship with?

​Who has a great perspective you could learn from?

Who should you ask for help?