Why You Need the Four Key Incremental “Yeses” for Closing Deals with Mo Bunnell

Building a project with the prospect taps into the Ikea Effect; we buy into what we help create.

Making incremental decisions and blending your ideas with a potential client allows you to arrive at the best solution to their problem.

There are four incremental yeses you need to obtain to secure a project.

The first is clarifying the outcome of the project and giving the prospect the opportunity to modify the goals.

The second is getting agreement on the process timeline..

The third is the team. At what level does the client want to interact with your team?

The fourth is all about the numbers. Understanding this element is the only way the prospect can finally understand the value of the outcome.

Depending on the project, you can get those answered all in one meeting or conversation.

Even in a really formal situation involving RFPs, there is usually opportunity to engage with the prospect. If you can make some of the building-things-together decisions simple, people will engage.

We all want to add value, so give your prospect a way to engage with the work.



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