Why Listening and Learning is Key for Closing Deals (Increase Sales)

There is a triple-win when asking good questions. A person’s pleasure center in the brain lights up when people offer self-disclosing information.

You learn your prospect’s priorities in their words. This would be impossible if you didn’t begin by listening to them talk.

Sharing self-disclosed information is highly correlated to likeability. Asking great questions gives the other person more opportunity to talk.

Great questions could look like: “If you could wave a magic wand and change your organization, what kinds of changes would happen?,” ”If one of your metrics could meaningfully move, which would it be?,” or ”If you could have a broken process fixed, what would the outcome look like?”

Well-designed questions give the other person the opportunity to share something that only they know.

With the bulk of your conversations, your prospect or client should be doing most of the talking.


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The Snowball System by Mo Bunnell – amazon.com/Snowball-System-Business-Clients-Raving/dp/1610399609


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