Julia Farris Why Everyone Should Lead and How to Get them To with Mo Bunnell

In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I’m super excited to chat with Julia Fabris McBride. She has an amazing book coming out called When Everyone Leads. She is here today to help us redefine leadership and apply the concepts she teaches in her books to our work so that we can become better leaders and grow our book of business, relationships, and selves.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • Leadership is available to everyone
  • Why we need to think of leadership as an activity
  • The importance of everyone working together
  • Energizing each other to own their work
  • Technical work vs. adaptive work
  • Why people have to grow for organizations to grow
  • Julia’s system for continuously learning
  • The power of forming a mastermind
  • The role of authority in adaptive work
  • How Julia manages successes and setbacks
  • How Julia gets big projects done

It’s so important for people to understand that leadership is not a position, it’s an activity and it’s available to anyone. In order to grow an organization, the people have to grow. And becoming leaders and taking ownership of your work is the best way to grow.

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Julia. If you want to learn more from her, make sure to check out her book and learn more about the Kansas Leadership Center here. 

Resources Mentioned:

Check out When Everyone Leads

Learn more about the Kansas Leadership Center

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