Your Growth Guide: What To Do When You Feel Like Reinventing Yourself With Joanne Lipman

By Mo Bunnell

What To Do When You Feel Like Reinventing Yourself With Joanne Lipman

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Joanna Lipman, the journalist, speaker, and best-selling author, where we talk all about reinvention.

Mo prompted Joanne with a question about what to do when you feel like it’s time to reinvent yourself.

Joanne responded:

"I have a chapter in Next that’s called Move before you Move, and that is all about where you are in one career, but you can start to pivot while you are 100% in your one career. This is your search stage. There’s a few things you can do. I mean clearly on a practical basis you can take a class, give a speech, and take action. I have a set of steps in the last chapter of Next where I distill the advice from experts. I will give you three pieces that they mentioned that refer to exactly what you are talking about.”

“The very first step is imagine your possible self. I don’t know if you’ve heard this phrase before. There are a couple of psychologists, Hazel Markus and Paula Nurius, who came up with this phrase, “Possible self.” And so that first step is imagining yourself in this new role. Thinking about who you might could be, but thinking about your possible self is not enough. You need to, as you said, take action. Don’t keep it in your head. So, there are things that you can do such as shadowing someone, doing speeches, writing an article, and also sharing your goals. There’s a lot of research out there that says sharing those goals with someone else particularly if you write down those goals and share with someone else. You are far more likely to execute them.”

Dive deeper into the conversation with Joanna Lipman and hear about the other pieces of advice she has for when you feel like reinventing yourself here.

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