Your Growth Guide: What Business Development Really Means With Monty Hamilton

By Mo Bunnell

What Business Development Really Means With Monty Hamilton

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Monty Hamilton, the CEO at Sparq, a company know for digital engineering consultancy.

Mo asked Monty:

“You are somebody that people want to follow. You are somebody that has been growing businesses your whole life. What’s your personal definition business development and growth in general?

Monty responded:

"For me it’s about building the relationships. When you and I first got to knowing each other I had nothing to offer you at all. You reached out and took me to a Georgia Tech ball game and introduced me to another gentleman that I did end up doing some business with. Even today as I found myself on the longer end of my career. That idea of being at value to someone else is intrinsically rewarding and I used your give-to-get early on. I knew Mo before he was GrowBIG, before you grew big, and give-to-get was always in my vocabulary from day one when we first worked together.”

“I would say now as I mature into this career, that it almost is moving towards a gift-to-give mentality. And that’s not altruistic. I’m not trying to throw a halo around my head. It makes me feel good. If I feel like I can truly help someone at the end of the day and I get a thank you email or handwritten note, it is really rewarding. So you know for me this definition of business development is really about relationship development. I create a truly transparent and authentic relationship with someone that I care about their business and their success and maybe we can help each other and maybe we can’t. I get to know that person as an individual, and that’s a good thing.”

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