What Business Development REALLY Means, According to Jonathan Reckford

Mo asks Jonathan Reckford: What’s your personal definition of growth?

  • Ultimately, it’s all about impact, but in order to make an impact you need fuel.
  • Creating complex partnerships is very aligned with good development practices, which is valuable for Jonathan because growth at Habitat for Humanity means having conversations around fundraising.
  • When he made the mindset switch to solving someone’s problem, raising money became much easier and simpler.
  • It’s not about pressuring, or trying to get somebody to do something they don’t want to do. It’s about really trying to understand what people are trying to accomplish or the impact they want to have, and then looking for a fit and where there is one, finding ways you can help them have that impact in a really joyful way.
  • Before a big meeting, you have to do the research. Jonathan will have a brief on the person’s biographical information, passion, and overall strategic goals so that he can create alignment in the potential partnership.
  • Creating win/wins is the goal and when you can do that, growth becomes easy.
  • Negotiation is usually won or lost based on preparation and framing, not on the actual tactics of the conversation.
  • After the research, the first step of the meeting is creating a point of connection and establishing the relationship.
  • The goal of the first meeting is to come away with clear next steps, not to close the deal.
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