Jane Allen’s Favorite Business Development Strategy

Mo asks Jane Allen: What is your favorite science, step, or story from the GrowBIG Training or Snowball System?

  • The personality test was the most fascinating element of the GrowBIG Training that completely transformed the way Jane’s company thought about meetings and communicating with other people.
  • Jane has a systems mindset that allows her to scale a business that served her very well in Counsel on Call. Efficiency is a major driver for Jane, and she is always looking for ways to grow that don’t lose the elements of a personal relationship.
  • Jane set communication as a priority from the start and then developed systems around that central principle.
  • Jane also spent a lot of time developing databases to track metrics like the number of Give-to-Gets completed, objections, and asking for the next steps. Practice and having fun were also built into the system.
  • The business has to be bigger than the individual. You have to capture the data to help you learn and evolve and keep yourself and your team accountable.
  • If you’re not meeting people who are decision makers or can’t help you get to that point, is it really a good use of your time? You have to get honest about how you spend your time and then get really deliberate about how you spend the time you have.
  • Focus first on how you’re different, and then how you’re going to eliminate the prospect’s risk of change.
  • Measuring the quantity and quality of your business development efforts is the key to seeing an increase in your results. Try to get one metric of each that matches your book of business and relationships you’re trying to build.



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