What Business Development REALLY Means, According to Chris Graham and Mo Bunnell

Mo asks Chris Graham: What is your personal definition of growth?

  • Chris has always been driven by learning new things. Since he spends nearly all his time now selling, he focuses on reteaching all the things he has learned over the years.
  • What people really want is for someone to help them identify problems they didn’t even know they had and help them solve those problems.
  • As experts, it’s very easy to get so focused on what you know that you aren’t even aware of the issues that are just outside your expertise.
  • The mindset that Chris carries into a meeting is one of being excited to learn and showing how he can help. By being truly concerned about the other person, it’s a lot easier to customize your solution to actually solve their problem.
  • When speaking with potential investors, Chris is looking to learn what their investment goals are to see if they are aligned with them. His company has a well defined mission and invests in very specific types of companies. If the opportunity is not a fit, that’s okay.
  • If the goals are aligned but the person may not be ready to go yet, Chris tries to break the information into more bite-sized pieces instead of overwhelming them with everything at once.
  • Dripping out follow-up content has made building trust with investors a success.



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