What are the most important Business Development Skills? – Jane Allen and Mo Bunnell

Mo asks Jane Allen: If you could record a message to your younger self around business development or growth skills, what would it say?

  • Jane would tell herself to embrace it. Embrace your intrinsic drive to connect with people.
  • Jane wouldn’t have referred to herself as an extrovert, but when it came to her work and her business, she committed herself to getting the job done and connecting with people.
  • Jane likes to solve people’s problems and connect them with what they need. Creating systems in her life that drive those actions and allow her focus on that has been the key to her success.
  • Before becoming a lawyer, Jane was a school teacher where she loved helping kids understand complex problems. That trait has been a common thread throughout her life.
  • Jane now works with entrepreneurs and helps them find resources and mentors through the Nashville Entrepreneur Center.



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