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Top Methods and Techniques for Making Targeted New Relationships

How do you meet new people in a very targeted way? This week on Real Relationships Real Revenue, we are going to be diving deep into this topic. Making new relationships is really important for anybody, regardless of who you are. You can get introduced to anyone you want to meet if you approach it the right way. In this episode, we cover turning personal relationships into commercial relationships, getting referrals, asking for help, and interviewing others.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • The importance of establishing new relationships
  • How to meet anyone you want to
  • Why people want personal and commercial relationships
  • How to broach the topic
  • The importance of making it easy to opt-out
  • The power of referrals
  • The proper way to ask for referrals
  • How to use the Asking for Help technique
  • The success rate for this technique
  • What the Interviewing Others method is
  • How to find the right platform to use
  • Why this method works

There are a million creative ways you can offer value based on the person you’re wanting to meet. Don’t be afraid to dive in and try these out. You may end up being  surprised by the results because these are really powerful methods.

Utilizing these techniques will drastically improve your chances of success, and not only will you meet the exact people that you want to, but you’ll deepen those relationships and grow your book of business and career.

Resources Mentioned:

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