Your Growth Guide: Tips For Making An Offer That Your Client Won’t Refuse With Pam Slim

By Mo Bunnell

Tips For Making An Offer That Your Client Won’t Refuse With Pam Slim

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Pam Slim,

Mo asked Pam:

“What’s your advice to somebody in professional services that provide consulting or legal advice, accounting, or agency, whatever that might be. How do they define the offer that their future client can’t refuse?

Pam responded:

"So the first thing is understanding special and professional services. Your clients are really taking a transformational journey. Let’s look at accountants, my favorite folks in the world, where somebody probably, before they to start work with an accountant, first has anxiety about how their finances are. They might have everything from backed up tied finances to maybe some tax returns that weren’t filed or questions about what they should do and they’re feeling so unorganized. As this accountant it working with that person for a period of time doing very functional things like organizing, getting everything balanced, teaching them financial education, and helping them to make different decisions, they are going to end that journey in a much different place. They will feel empowered, in control, excited about understanding how finances work in their business and using it as a leverage tool in order to grow and scale their business. Usually in a way they never anticipated. We first always need to think about how somebody is arriving at our door and how do we want them to feel when they leave. When you understand the entire journey, I think, each service professional needs to understand what part of that journey they really want to do and then what part could somebody else be better served. So in the case of our accountants they may notice that somebody has beliefs that are really getting in the way of their ability to really learn about finances, and they may not as a CPA, really want to address that, but they could refer them to maybe work with a mindset coach. I know in the work that I do, I work with a lot of thought leaders who want a scale in IP. I help them building licensing and certification programs. I clearly am not an intellectual property attorney, so I can help them create the overall design, but I need to refer them to an intellectual property attorney, a graphic designer when it comes to designing programs and materials. These are ways that we both understand the entirety of the journey our clients is on. We make sure that they have access to every resource to get there, but also to make precise decisions for an individual firm as to what they do have strengths in delivering. I know a lot of folks get caught in thinking that they have to do everything for everyone which is always a recipe for disaster. I think sometimes folks who give wise advice about niches fall down a little. Yes, you need to zero in and focus on the area you can help your clients best with, but you also need to realize, you need to help them see the entire journey. Often you need to be referring them to other people to get them all the way through with the result. Bruce Lee would call it “punching all the way through the bag.” I lean on my 18 years of martial arts experience where when you’re wanting to punch the bag, you don’t just go up to it, you think about going punching all the way through. That’s what gives you the power, and that’s what helps your clients.

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