Three Phrases I Use to Stay Focused

By Mo Bunnell

Hi, this is Mo Bunnell, your business development expert and author of "The Snowball System". In this video, I'm gonna share three phrases that I use often with myself and with others to keep focused on the right things. And stick around for the end because the third one, I don't think I've ever shared with anybody other than my wife, Becky.

I'll give you three, and that last one I find super helpful. And I don't think I've ever shared it with anybody other than her. So this should be fun little video. Pretty quick.

First one. Would it be helpful? If you've read "The Snowball System or gone through one of our live Grow BIG trainings, you've heard us say, "would it be helpful if". This is one of the magical phrases that helps everything. It's a way to ask for the next step with a client that's delightful. That makes it easy to say yes. Compare it to, "do you want me to?" So you'll get a no so much more often if you say," do you want me to?" rather than "would it be helpful if". Examples. Hey, would it be helpful if I introduce you to our expert and with that can help with X, Y, and Z? They'd be happy to meet with you on our dime and explain how they might approach that situation you talked about. It's not my expertise, but Jane is our worldwide thought leader in that area. And I'm sure should be happy to meet with you. Would that be helpful? Or would it be helpful if we did an analysis on that particular issue would only take us a few hours, probably take about an hour to meet in person, to discuss what we found in either upside or saving you money, whatever the analysis would show. And we don't know what it'll say, but we'd be happy to dig in and show you our expertise and to gimme a chance to introduce you to Jane who leads our practice area in that area. Because she would read the report out. I'd be there because I know your business so well, but it could be really interesting and only helpful. So would that be helpful? So "would it be helpful if" is a great way to introduce somebody else, offer an analysis, or whatever.

The second one. And I think this is interesting. I use this just myself a lot, and it's just a phrase, "focus on what you can control", "focus on what I can control". I have the strong feeling that if you continue to focus on what you can control and always make daily and weekly progress in the direction that you want to go, that you'll be successful.

There will be setbacks. There will be meetings canceled. There will be deals you don't win. There will be all kinds of things that happen that you don't want. But if you just assume that some percentage of the time little slip ups and bad things are gonna happen, 20%, whatever, then you just focus on what you can control.

So when things come, something gets postponed. Tell yourself "I'm gonna focus on what I control, I'm gonna flip back, say no worries. Hey, would it be helpful if we chose a new date? I know it sounds like the senior leader person can't meet next Tuesday like we thought. how about we pick a date a month out? Here's three dates that would work for me, or our team." So the "focus on what you can control" basically gets your mind reoriented after setbacks to be able to just keep moving forward. And don't worry about it that much. Some percentage of the time, things are gonna not go the way you want. You're focused on what you control to keep it moving.

The last one. Here's what I promised. And I don't think I've ever shared this before. "Nothing can stop me from". So from time to time, you'll go to events or you'll be in a situation, you're at a conference, and you already spoke and now you've sort of gotta go around to some other talks. And it's not necessarily anything that's super interesting to you or whatever. There's always things that just happen. You've gotta do the thing, but you don't necessarily want to do the thing. If you focus on "why am I here?" "I don't want to be here". "I wish I was doing X", then you're gonna just for sure have a bad experience. If you use the frame, and I've just been hacking my own habits with this in the last six months, "nothing can stop me from - insert something at the end".

Nothing can stop me from having a good time today. Nothing can stop me from meeting one person at this event that I'm gonna enjoy talking to. Nothing can stop me from learning something from this experience. Nothing can stop me from having a good time in the next hour as I do this thing I don't like.

That reorients your mind on finding something positive. Hey, if you gotta be at this thing anyway, we might as well get something positive out of it. So I find that phrase. I should use it more than I do, but the times I've used it over the last six months, it's made a tremendous difference in my mindset about doing something that I didn't necessarily want to do.

So I hope these are helpful. "Would it be helpful if", number one. The second one, "focus on what I control". The third one, "nothing can stop me from insert whatever after that". Those three phrases are critical for me to keep my mindset in the right place and keep moving forward all the time. And I've found them super helpful.

I hope they help you. If you found this helpful in any way, please share this video with others. It's how people find out about us. And lastly, as always, we hope this video helps you help your clients succeed.

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