Your Growth Guide: Thinking About Business Development As One Process Opposed to Two Disjointed Ones With Jeff Berardi

Thinking About Business Development As One Process With Jeff Berardi

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Jeff Berardi, partner at Baretz-Brunelle.

Mo asked Jeff:

“What is you advice to others on how to think about marketing and business development all as one process opposed to two disjointed ones?”

Jeff responded:

“I kind of go back to when I first became CMO at K&L Gates, at the time it wasn’t even call K&L Gates, but a predecessor firm, that was back in 2006. When I took over that department, I launched the first business development function. We did not have a business development function prior to me joining. Now there are some people doing some things that you would probably define as business development, but that wasn’t the focus. Part of the reason that I did that is that I certainly appreciate the benefits of business development and having it be connected to marketing, but also being able to oversee both rather than having them be two separate functions. Therein lies a lot of the obstacle that often times is within the organization, two separate groups. Whether it’s a marketing group and a business development group or a marketing sales, whatever it is, a lot of times there’s not enough alignment between the people who are running those particular organizations or departments or functions. So, first and foremost I think you need to have alignment there. If you don’t have it, then its going to be hard to really work in a very integrated and collaborative way. So that’s the starting point and I think it goes from there. You have to work at it. I think there’s different skill sets and there’s different areas of focus and different thinking preferences to use. That’s something that we certainly talk about with the GrowBIG system. People have different strengths and frankly different weaknesses. So having everyone work together in the sandbox is super important.

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If you’re thinking about marketing and you don’t have a clear understanding and appreciation for sales you have a fundamental disconnect. Marketing is meant to drive sales.

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