The Science of Positioning: How to Stand Out in the Mind Of Your Client with Mo Bunnell

How do you position yourself uniquely so that you can win more often? In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I’m diving into the topic of positioning. I have found that this is very rarely taught but it’s a critical skill to make yourself unique in the mind of the buyer. I’m sharing tips for creating your three key messages, how to become more memorable, pro tips for communicating, and so much more so that you can truly stand out amongst the competition.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • The law of positioning
  • Why people don’t care about your accolades
  • The three words to use when talking to a client
  • Why three is the perfect number
  • Why you need to include three reasons a client should work with you
  • The research that supports this method
  • Why 3s and 4s are more memorable
  • The three levels at which you might talk about your positioning
  • Why it’s up to you to determine how to add more value
  • The five things you need to choose your three key messages
  • The four reasons that clients choose someone else
  • When to be bold in your positioning
  • Using one to two words per message
  • How exactly to word your three messages
  • The benefits of using rhyming or alliteration

It is up to you to figure out how you’re clearly going to add more value than anybody else. Boil it down to three things, because that’s more believable and memorable to your clients. Show how in this exact position, you are going to provide a unique value.

Make sure your team is on board so everything is aligned and make sure you learn how to communicate effectively using the tips I shared today so that clients will choose you more often.  If you do these things right and embed them in your habits, you can use them forever!

Resources Mentioned:

Read the Cryder research

Read Dr. Suzanne Shu’s research

Read the Rouder research about 3s

Check out the positioning Wikipedia page

Get the Al Ries and Jack Trout book on positioning

Read the study about rhyming

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