The Power of Optimism, Asking for Help, and Human Connection with Ken Sterling

By Alexa Ward

Show Notes

In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I sat down with Ken Sterling. Ken has overcome some tremendous challenges in his life and has now found incredible success and we are going to talk about some truly powerful stuff. We are diving into why human connection is the secret to growth, tips for deal-making and negotiation, and so much more. Ken is also going to speak on his organization called Big Speak. It is one of the premier speaker’s bureaus for businesses and I think you’re going to find a lot of value in this conversation.


Topics We Cover in This Episode:


  • How Ken went from homelessness to the massively successful professional he is now

  • The power of being tenacious and not being afraid to reach out to those around you

  • Tips for getting over your own self and asking for help when you need it

  • How to have a human-centric approach to business relationships

  • Keeping the highest good in mind in everything you do

  • Embracing optimism and graciousness

  • Investing in people when there’s nothing to purchase

  • The impact that Big Speak is making

  • Seeing setbacks as a cul-de-sac instead of a dead end


I hope you enjoyed this impactful conversation with Ken! There is so much value in remembering that behind each deal and each interaction, there is a human. And prioritizing human connection above all else will pay off in a big way.


If you want to reach out to Ken and connect with him, you can find him on LinkedIn! 


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