The Framework to a Perfect Introduction

First impressions are a very powerful thing. When you first introduce yourself to a new client or prospect, it’s better to avoid simply stating your role within your company or business. Why? It leaves no room for curiosity! There’s no conversation or active listening happening in this kind of single-phrase interaction that’s going on.

Meeting somebody for the first time is where the curiosity should really begin!

Here are the three steps to creating a more engaging introduction:

  1. Frame the problem you solve
  2. Have a dialogue to ensure understanding
  3. State what you do

Having an exchange about your position and your role allows for the person you’re meeting to fully understand the scope of your responsibilities. It also turns a typically one-sided interaction into a conversation, which helps to begin to build that relationship.

If you’re looking to leverage curiosity in all aspects of your business, be sure to tune in as we get into this curiosity series.

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