Amanda Goodall Why Experts Make the Best Leaders with Mo Bunnell

In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I sat down with Amanda Goodall, author of the book Credible, to talk about the power of expert leaders. We are diving into why experts are better leaders, the impact it has on the people all around them, how to spot them, and how to build talent. Everyone has a deep technical expertise and Amanda is going to show you how to leverage that so you can get the results you want in your organization and have the impact that you want on your client.

Amanda Goodall is professor of leadership at Bayes Business School (formerly Cass), City, University of London, where she specialises in how leaders and managers influence performance. She began her career as a fashion model at the age of sixteen. At twenty-two she lived on a small development project in Andhra Pradesh, India, and spent the next few years working with international NGOs.

In 1997, she completed a degree at the London School of Economics and subsequently a PhD, at Warwick Business School, focused on leaders’ characteristics. After two years at IZA Institute for the Study of Labor in Bonn, Germany, in 2012 she joined Bayes Business School’s Faculty of Management. She has been a visiting scholar at Cornell University, the University of Zurich, and Yale University.

Dr Goodall is widely published in academic journals, practitioner publications and the media. She is a committed environmentalist, an ambassador for Save Wild Tigers, and a founder member of Pembrokeshire Seal Research Trust.

Topics We Cover in This Episode:

  • How Amanda got started researching experts in leadership
  • Amanda’s best tips for moving into a leadership position
  • How to hold the mirror up to yourself to understand how you influence others
  • The humility needed to keep learning despite your expertise
  • How expert bosses create a happy and productive workplace
  • The effect of happy and fulfilled employees on an organization
  • The importance of incentivizing people to step into leadership roles
  • Ways to diversify the pool of candidates for leadership roles
  • The five capabilities experts need to lead
  • Lies experts tell themselves about leadership
  • Tips for staying on track despite setbacks

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Amanda. There is so much power in experts in leadership roles, and I hope this inspires you to continue to learn and grow in your expertise so you can step into leadership as well.

 If you want to learn more from Amanda, make sure to visit her website and check out her book Credible: The Power of Expert Leaders. 

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