The Business Development Story That Changed Everything for Marty Fagan with Mo Bunnell

Mo asks Marty Fagan: I want you to tell me of a business development story that you’re particularly proud of.

  • Marty tells the story of an opportunity he had been pursuing for three years where his persistence really paid off.
  • Despite the lack of traction for multiple years, Marty kept persisting and keeping the lines of communication open because he knew that the area the client needed help in was something they could provide and the importance level was very high for them.
  • Having the grit to work through the tough times and the seeming lack of progress has resulted in a great business relationship that Marty is really proud of.
  • A lot of business professionals struggle with the front end persistence, where they get little to no response from someone they are trying to build a relationship with. Seeing that as a challenge, instead of an insurmountable obstacle, helps. Marty never lost the belief that he could actually add value to the client, and that gave him the confidence to keep going.
  • Early stage relationships are less like a tennis match, where you need the other person to respond in order to continue playing, and more like practicing your serve. Keep giving.
  • Persistence shows you are serious about adding value, and that takes time.



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