The Business Development Story That Changed Everything for Mark Harris with Mo Bunnell

Mo asks Mark Harris: Tell me of a business development story that you are particularly proud of.

  • Mark typically works with brokers or consultants, and they typically shop the market as part of their offer.
  • One of Mark’s work friends went out on his own to start his own business and reached out to him to talk about what Mark could do to help. When Mark sat down with him, he started off by asking questions about the future of the business and where the other person saw things going. Mark ended the initial conversation by actually recommending he talk to Mark’s competitors!
  • By starting the conversation off from a teaching and helping perspective, Mark helped him create an efficient business that now sells only Guardian insurance.
  • You can always help someone accomplish their goals, and if that’s your framework you will always be able to help someone.
  • If you truly understand how to help someone and approach them from that aspect, you’re not selling them. When you help them, they want to buy.
  • Mark is most proud of having the integrity and courage to recommend the other person look elsewhere. Turning down a possible sale is hard, but being willing to make that decision when it was right for the client showed them that Mark cared and ultimately created the foundation for a genuine relationship.
  • People who make more relationships are also generally happier, and that’s one of the best aspects of business development.



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