The Business Development Story That Changed Everything for Cyril Peupion

Mo asks Cyril Peupion: Tell me of a business development story that you are very proud of.

  • Years ago, Cyril got in touch with a partner at one of the largest consulting firms in the world. He was invited to present at one of their conferences in Barcelona about the Work Smarter, Live Better strategy and at the end of the presentation, Cyril got a 100% feedback rating from the 100+ people that attended his talk.
  • This was the beginning of a great business relationship that is now eight years strong with Cyril’s favorite client.
  • Cyril wasn’t a speaker, so the presentation was outside of his comfort zone. He prepared for the speech and took the opportunity very seriously.
  • Cyril values continuous improvement very highly, and that presentation was a validation of that core belief.
  • Every quarter, Cyril chooses a few things to accomplish that push him out of his comfort zone. He wasn’t always a skilled speaker, so he worked with a speaking coach to improve his skills. When the pandemic hit, he found an ex-director to help train him and his team to be better on camera. Every quarter choose one thing that will put you out of your comfort zone and will help you move the needle on your goals.



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