GrowBIG Playbook: The Best Way To Enhance Your BD Skills Without Charge

By Mo Bunnell

What We Just Created

We've been investing in your success every single weekday.

Did you notice?

Envision the moment when a GrowBIG Training ends. The room is abuzz. People are excited about their learnings and future plans. The deeply thoughtful thank yous are flowing.

It's why we do what we do—it's so deeply meaningful.

Here's the biggest question I get in those moments, coming in two flavors:

  1. How can I quickly and easily reinforce all the great learnings from the GrowBIG Training or The Snowball System?

    I want to implement all this great stuff!

  2. How can I share the key GrowBIG or Snowball System insights with others?

    I want to share what I learned and align the team!

We now have a gratis way for you to do both, and there's no charge!

The team and I spent several days designing and recording the Top 100 micro lessons someone needs to learn to be great at growth.

Our goals:

Great news ... we've already started!

We started dropping these episodes daily on August 1st, so we're nicely into the series.

How can you get this great stuff?

Head to your favorite podcast platform or YouTube, subscribe and start learning.

Here are handy links to the first episode published on August 1st:

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Dozens of other platforms

Start with the August 1st episode if you want to start at the beginning, scroll up to the most recent episode, or just pick a topic you like and dive right into a specific episode.

Here's what's super cool.

This series can have a BIG IMPACT that's broader than you!


So with that in mind...

Who do you know that would benefit from knowing about this?

Flip this note to them right now with some ideas and questions.

That 30-second task will get the (snow) ball rolling!

OK, let me take a step back and provide a deeper insight.

Some people say you should hold back and not give away your great thinking and best ideas, especially without charging.

No way.

Being proactively helpful is how you stay top of mind.

Being proactively helpful makes it easy for your raving fans to share your work because everyone wins.

And being proactively helpful is how you change the world.

I hope this series is helpful to you and your teams both now and for years to come.

I hope it helps them grow their book of business, relationships, and careers.

Because when they're bringing in the work they want to do...

They'll gain control and live the life they want.


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