Outsourcing/Complex Services


This training arms you with so many tools that aren’t just incredibly strong business development tools but tools that you […]


Every day I stepped out of the training, I walked away with another set of amazing, practical tools that I


There are so many tools I now plan to incorporate into my processes. I now can use the ritual map


The Training has given me great tools to make growing my personal book a more tangible goal. It broke down


The concepts we learned can be used in my day-to-day interactions with not only clients but my internal partners as


This has jumpstarted me to get more strategic about my clients. We do some of this instinctually, but I like


This session helps you begin taking the time that you need to think about your business development proactively. The amount


Thanks to this class, I understand how I can find common agreement with my internal stakeholders, gained a step-by-step proess


The most impressive thing for me was the idea of the give-to-get, which will draw client and broker curiosity for


I am now committed to using Whole Brain Thinking Model in every meeting. Protemoi Lists are now the basis to


Customized programs like this leader training are really beneficial because the content becomes even more relevant and impactful to your


The tools I now have to pursue my goals are just what I needed, such as the ritual maps and

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