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If you struggle to find time to grow your business while maintaining your current client portfolio, then The Snowball System […]


This course gave me a lot of insight to business development and a framework to new business models that I


This course taught me how to interpret people’s business practices as functions of their brains and ways to appeal and


This training gives you all the tools to improve your business. It is applicable to all types of business models


The Whole-Brain Four Quadrant thinking was so insightful. Learned how to talk about myself; I now know how to effectively


While many of the basic principles are things I already do in external BD (although not always as purposefully as


I found this course valuable because it gave me a process-centered mindset for thinking about business. It was focused on


There was a knowledgeable instructor who communicated well and an experienced cohort I could learn from. Left this session with


Well-planned and refreshing. Full of new ideas and reminders of the ones we should never forget. Looking forward to using


I read lots of books and most of the business books offer a new insight based on research. From there,


Excellent course. Mo is always a very dynamic and enjoyable instructor! There was a significant shift in my thought process


I learned the skills to adapt to other people’s way of thinking so that I can meet them at their

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