Course Engagement


The most valuable part of my GrowBIG Training experience was learning how to create an effective plan and, more importantly, […]


This course gave me a lot of insight to business development and a framework to new business models that I


This course taught me how to interpret people’s business practices as functions of their brains and ways to appeal and


I enjoyed reading this book. For someone like myself that is not considered a sales person, the concepts in this


The facilitator and the group activities are everything that I needed. Everything I learned here is something that I can


While many of the basic principles are things I already do in external BD (although not always as purposefully as


I found this course valuable because it gave me a process-centered mindset for thinking about business. It was focused on


There was a knowledgeable instructor who communicated well and an experienced cohort I could learn from. Left this session with


I’m an FAA Coach and I would love for every FAA to have this as part of their original training


Thank you SO much! This was such a positive experience and has given me great energy to return to my


Excellent course. Mo is always a very dynamic and enjoyable instructor! There was a significant shift in my thought process


I’m usually very skeptical with training courses – this one was top shelf. And, I don’t give praise often…

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