Speeding Up Opportunities (3 of 3)

What’s On My Mind

The final in a 3 part series on speed!

The first in our series was Make It Simple.

​The second, Make The Ask.

So at this point you know how to…

  1. Design a simple next step for the client.
  2. Make the ask with confidence so that it shows clear value to them.

(If you missed those prior lessons, just click the links above–they’re important to understand before reading this article.)

Last lesson…

Make The Time.

​It’s a common mistake…

​Great content.

Great discussion.

​Go over time.

​These three Gs = three Cs.

​Great content + Great discussion + Go over time = Complete Client Confusion.

​Feels good in the moment.

Outcome bad for momentum.

​How do you overcome it?

​More below!

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What’s Worth Lingering On

Back to Lesson Three: Make The Time.

​Here’s a good rule of thumb for Make The Time.

​Leave at least 15 minutes at the end of the meeting to talk through next steps.

​Many reasons:

  1. You have 34x chance of getting a yes when you can see each other vs on email. (Science alert!) Said clearly: you do not want to suggest next steps over email.
  2. While asking prompts a response, you get questions or objections. More on Overcoming Objections in The Snowball System.
  3. And lastly, you can actually determine the exact next step right then and there, like scheduling the next meeting in person or on your video call. This saves all the fun of dozens of emails sorting everyone’s calendars. (Sense the sarcasm!)

​Now compare this to going over time and relying on email to suggest next steps.

  1. You’ve gone from a 68/100 chance of a yes to 2/100. (That’s the 34x research.)
  2. Even if you do get a Yes, it takes weeks to get a response you could have gotten in that meeting–the client has to get their team together, discuss and come back to you. Slow!
  3. It’s likely the wrong next action because the client can’t see the future like you can.

​All combined, you’ll get far less Yes’s, delivered weeks later and likely in the wrong direction.

No bueno.

​Make The Time to discuss your Ask in the meeting.

Even simple next steps take time to discuss, and even if you get a quick Yes, you can decide on the specific next action while you’re together.


​OK, let’s take a step back, summarizing this entire three-part series.

Make It Simple says to design a rock simple next step.

Make The Ask says to make that ask in a clear way, showing obvious client benefit.

Make The Time says to reserve (at least) 15 minutes at the end of the meeting to Make The Ask and discuss it with the client, always with their best interest in mind.

This is gold.

​Most experts fall in love with their content, practicing to no end on how to share all they know.

But few experts practice how they’ll lead the conversation about next steps.


Next steps are the most important part.

​Your clients love to learn from you. They love big conversations about all you know.

​And you can help them in small ways in conversations like this. They’ll leave the conversation a little better off than before.

​But there’s only one way to help them in BIG ways.

Get hired.

​And the fastest way to speed things up in getting hired?

​Follow these three lessons.

​You know the craziest thing?

​There’s not many things in life where you can actually do less and accomplish more.

This is one of them.

​Cover less content.

​Talk more about next steps.

​Make It Simple.

​Make The Ask.

​Make The Time.

Do these three things.

​Everything will speed up.

​And when things speed up…

You’ll make the impact you want to make.


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