Speeding Up Opportunities (2 of 3)

What’s On My Mind

The 2nd in a 3 part series on speed!

Last week we talked about Make It Simple.

​(Check it out HERE if you missed it.)

​Our second lesson…

Make The Ask.

​Last week was about design. Figuring out what the next step is.

​This week is about actually asking for it.

​Most professionals know their solutions well. They know what usually happens next.

Then sadly, they project that assumed knowledge on the client, thinking they know too.

They don’t.

​You’ve spent decades learning your craft.

Your client hasn’t.

You’ve spent hours preparing for this meeting.

Your client hasn’t.

​You’ve seen every permutation of what could be next.

Your client hasn’t.

​You have to Make The Ask to speed things up.

​How do you do it?

​Below we go!

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What’s Worth Lingering On

Back to Lesson Two: Make The Ask.

Remember LAST WEEK we talked about Make It Simple.

​If you’ve checked the box on Make It Simple, you’ve got a simple next step in mind.

​All you need to do now is two things:

  1. Make The Ask​
  2. Frame it so the client sees the benefits to them

You probably remember our magical phrases “so you can…” and “so they can…”

That’s how you bridge a statement to the most important part: how the client will benefit.

Here’s an example ask:

What most of our clients do next is ___ (action) so they can ___ (benefit). Would that be of interest to you, or not?

​You can flex on this, but I love that sample structure.

​It incorporates…

  1. What most of our clients do communicates this is a safe choice. It’s normal. It’s common. Social Proof!
  2. next is ___ communicates a rock simple action they should take.
  3. so they can ___ communicates benefit, specific and unique to their situation.
  4. Would that be of interest to you communicates a soft ask of general interest instead of going hardcore to ask to get hired. Sometimes that’s appropriate, but in many cases asking for general interest is a middle ground that’s easier to ask about.
  5. The or not? at the end communicates true sincerity that you’re OK if it’s not a good time. Don’t lead the witness. If they’re not interested now, you want to know. If they are, the or not? part will push them to respond even more positively if they are interested.

    Try this out. These two words are one of the most powerful adds to an ask.

​These two sentences pack a punch. Simple, profound.

​The key…

They prompt discussion.

And it’s the discussion you want to have–you potentially getting hired to help.

Make The Ask sounds simple, but so many don’t do it.

​Reasons people hesitate…

Feeling fear of bringing up commercial steps.

​Making an assumption the client knows what to do.

Having much more comfort with content.​

Whatever the issue, don’t skip this step.

​Having fun discussions with clients is great. It feels nice. You get to show off all you know. It’s helpful.

But you can’t help a client in a big way until you get hired.

​And the fastest way to get hired is to bring it up.

Make The Ask.


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