Sandy Lutton Shares He Favorite Business Development Strategy With Mo Bunnell

Mo asks Sandy Lutton: Tell us your favorite science, step, or story from the GrowBIG Training or Snowball System.

  • Sandy’s favorite science is the Herrmann Brain Dominance Model because it opened her eyes to understanding how her pitch was communicated to other people.
  • The Protemoi List is another strategy that stands out. Knowing who the most important people are in regards to your business and your success, and building a process around it, is a key element to success. Relationships are paramount, and the Protemoi List puts them front and center.
  • Before the Protemoi List, relationships were unstructured. When you have someone on your list, it becomes intentional and mutually beneficial.
  • Sandy’s list used to be longer, but over time she narrowed it down as she learned her limitations and the precise value you can bring to the relationship.
  • How many people can you proactively reach out to in a month in a helpful way that you don’t get paid for. Ten is a great place to start.
  • Give To Get is another favorite strategy. For Sandy, she lays out the overall plan and the steps where the client can engage her to take the next steps. A great Give To Get instills trust in the vision and endears the prospect into working solely with you.
  • The last step that Sandy appreciates is the idea of a value group. By building a network of CFOs and building those relationships over time, she has created a group of raving fans that turn into valuable business.

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