Josh Scott Real and Authentic Digital Content That Will Grow a Book of Business with Mo Bunnell

By Mo Bunnell

In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Josh Scott. If you don’t know him, he’s the owner of JHS Pedals, one of the largest guitar pedal companies in the world, and in this episode, he shares how he built his business from nothing to a massive organization. No matter your profession, there are golden nuggets in this episode for you.


Topics We Cover in This Episode:


  • How Josh started his company
  • Josh’s outside-the-box approach to marketing
  • Why making assumptions is destructive in marketing
  • The importance of being yourself in your business
  • How YouTube impacted his company
  • What contagious marketing is and why it works
  • The power of digital media
  • How Josh builds trust in his industry
  • Why every business venture is a creative task
  • The idea of adjacent possibilities for your business
  • Why you have to overcome imposter syndrome
  • Why accountability is a key to creativity


Josh harnessed the power of being creative, authentic, and collaborative, which built deep trust in his industry and grew his business. I know that it is something we can all learn from no matter what industry we are in because as Josh says, business is creativity, and creativity is collaborative.


I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Josh as much as I did. To hear more from him, make sure to follow JHS Pedals on Instagram and check out his personal Instagram as well.


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