NEW Complimentary Course!

By Mo Bunnell

What's On My Mind

I'm excited to share our NEW complimentary course on...

Business Development Campaigns

Running a BD Campaign can do a lot:​

These all work for yourself.

And even better when scaled across a team.

Why do BD campaigns rake in results?

They gamify growth.

When done right, they focus energies. They generate excitement. They inspire.

Sign up for the new course HERE to learn how to successfully launch and execute a Business Development Campaign.

There's no charge to the course. Feel free to share with your teams and external partners.

It'll get you aligned --> with everyone using the same gameplan.

What's Worth Revisiting

We're just a few weeks away from Season Two of Real Relationships Real Revenue.

NEW FORMAT: ~8-minute, power packed episodes, released daily.

I'm really excited about it. Be sure to subscribe to the show to get them all.

Did you catch the inbetweenisode with Pat Quinn here?

Man, it was good!

He and I covered how to give presentations that both connect and convert to paid work!

What's Worth Lingering On

The world works really hard to pull us away from growth activities.

Internal responsibilities.

Delivery work.

Endless emails.

Sometimes, we need a burst of external focus.

That's where a BD Campaign can come in.

Where could you and your team use a business development burst with a short-term sprint?

What topics should your team be talking to clients about?

What should your clients be hiring you for, more?

That's where you could use a BD Campaign.

​Learn how here.