Nancy Duarte on Resonate – What You Need To Succeed In Storytelling & Business Development

Mo asks Nancy Duarte: What’s your big idea for people to grow their business that feels great?

Mo asks Nancy Duarte: What’s your big idea for people to grow their business that feels great?

  • LinkedIn does a study every year and each year the biggest skills gap is oral communication skills and the spoken word across all industries. How you show up, the presence you have, and how you deliver is how you separate yourself from your competitors
  • Communication excellence takes practice and the ability to understand  frameworks and models. We need to be adaptive to the situation and what we hear, and we also need to be intentional about what words we use when communicating.
  • The first step is always research. You can’t come prepared with good questions without research. The first thing a salesperson should do is understand the strategic initiatives and how things are going to be measured.
  • Empathy is a theme that runs through everything that happens in Nancy’s organization.
  • You can find a plethora of information about a potential customer in their newsfeeds. This can give you an idea of the kinds of pressure they are under.
  • Sometimes an external person can be a better student than someone within the organization. When approaching a prospect, you should take some time to try to understand their perspective as deeply as possible including the culture, the biases, and the budgets.
  • Nancy has a platform that enables her to invite people to part of it, which is a great way to initiate meetings.
  • One of the values of Nancy’s organization is generous experts. Nancy dropped over 100 customers during Covid to focus on 35 of her best, and subsequently, the organization grew over the last year.

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