Mitch Joel on Six Pixels of Separation – What You Need To Succeed

Mo asks Mitch Joel: What is your big idea for getting better at retention and growth?

Mo asks Mitch Joel: What is your big idea for getting better at retention and growth?

  • Whether it’s digital or not, it’s all about relationships and relationships are built on the stories you tell and how you deliver on them.
  • Most people tend to market themselves with promises instead of with their overall story. The ethos of the Madmen era of advertising still permeates the way many professionals think.
  • You don’t have to be personal, you just have to be personable. That’s the story that is going to connect with the right kinds of customers, which is something that you need to be focused on.
  • As professionals, we all have to figure out what kind of content we are going to create. It can come in whatever form you like, whether that’s audio, video, or written. The content you create should have a bullseye that you’re aiming for within the Triangle of Attention.
  • Even if your approach or niche isn’t unique, you can still bring your unique voice to the table to make your brand stand out.
  • Human beings prefer regularity. Content you create should follow an editorial calendar instead of being posted whenever you happen to feel like it. Content should be scheduled regularly and you need to stick with the schedule.
  • Seth Godin refers to this as the “Drip Strategy.” Content is a drip and if you create enough drips they become a ripple, the ripple creates waves, and the waves fill the ocean.
  • The vast majority of the content you create will garner virtual crickets but cumulatively over time it creates a sense of presence, social proof, and credibility.

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