Mastering Growth: Insights from Tiffani Bova on Enhancing Customer and Employee Experience

By Alexa Ward

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Wondering how you can unlock massive growth? In this episode of Real Relationships Real Revenue, I sat down with Tiffani Bova. She is the Senior Leader at Salesforce and author of The Growth IQ and The Experience Mindset. We are discussing both of these books and learning from Tiffani how we can best grow our organization and book of business by enhancing the experience of the customers and employees and the role technology plays in it all.


Topics We Cover in This Episode:

The growth levers that companies use to grow their business

The power of company culture and values

How we can actually deliver greater growth rates

Why companies are falling woefully short on employee experience for the sake of customer experience

The data on why you can grow more by focusing on customer and employee experience

Why the experience of working with you matters so much

The impact technology has on the customer and employee experience

Practical actions you can take to optimize the technology you’re using

Simple steps to enhance client experience


I hope you enjoyed this conversation with Tiffani! Take a week and map out how you can optimize your time and technology to improve the experience of your customers and employees so you can work smarter, not harder. This is the true path to growth.


If you want to learn more from Tiffani, I highly recommend you connect with her on LinkedIn and get a copy of her books The Growth IQ and The Experience Mindset. 


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