Marty Fagan’s Favorite Business Development Strategy with Mo Bunnell

Mo asks Marty Fagan: When you think of GrowBig Training or the Snowball System, what’s your favorite science, step, or story?

  • The Give to Get is the easy answer for Marty.
  • By utilizing the Give to Get, Marty’s team establishes a much stronger relationship with their customer and gets them bought in, drastically increasing the odds of landing the business.
  • You’re becoming a partner with your customer through the process by investing in them, and in return they often begin investing in you.
  • A Give to Get is essentially offering something of value to a prospect that you think they need before you are hired. This can take the form of thought leadership, connections, and more.
  • It has three criteria: it adds value for them, it’s relatively worth it, and it’s easy for you to do. The key to a successful Give to Get is that it leads to a next step and the prospect realizing that they can benefit from your expertise.
  • Get to a place where you agree on what success looks like, that mutual agreement is what leads to the next step and eventually the close.
  • With a Give to Get, you’re both agreeing to something, and you’re working on this in collaboration with each other. You’re both investing time and effort into it and that’s what ties it all together. Without both sides escalating the commitment level over time, there won’t be a future together.
  • Compared to a blind RFP, the Give to Get approach is almost ten times more effective at landing business.



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