Mark Harris’ Favorite Business Development Strategy

Mo asks Mark Harris: What is your favorite science, step, or story when it comes to the GrowBIG Training or the Snowball System?

  • Without a doubt, the four brain quadrants are the key to connecting to almost anyone. Mark taught his daughter how to pinpoint the four quadrants within the family and use it immediately to connect with each person.
  • Out in the marketplace, you’re going to encounter all four different colors. When Mark speaks to a broker that’s in the yellow quadrant, it’s easy to tailor the conversation to speak their language. Putting the framework into practice makes getting the next step easy and natural.
  • Asking people how to help them simply elicits a better response. Any decision maker you speak to has goals so get comfortable asking people those questions. Being open-ended and flexible gets people thinking about where they want to be, and that often leads to the other person starting to sell you on helping them.
  • If you can follow up on a personal level, you are creating a friend and a relationship for the long-term. When you win on the emotional side, it pays dividends on the work side for eternity.
  • Once you put yourself out there and see the success of the emotional wins, it makes it much easier to keep doing it in the future.



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