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The GrowBIG Playbook

Want a quick win? Sign up at no charge for an 8-minute read giving you the 8 beliefs you need to be great at growth. And you’ll get signed up to get our weekly insights to keep you going.


  • An Instant download showing you how rainmakers think differently than others
  • Practical tips you can put in place right away
  • Ongoing tips and guidedance on what’s working in the current environtment.

Perfect for: Anyone wanting inspiration and practical tips to get great at growth

Build Effective BD Habits

Want to build effective Business Development Habits, even when you’re busy?

Sign up at no charge here for our marquee course teaching scientifically sound, efficient and authentic Business Development Habits.


  • A complete, science-based system to integrate into your busy routine
  • Downloadable forms and a 100-point self assessment to implement with ease
  • Six inspiring and detailed how-to videos giving you what you need to succeed

Perfect for: Any professional looking to learn or improve their business development habits.

Align BD Habits Across A Team

Does your team need alignment across BD activities?

This course can stand alone or build off the previous course, BD Habits.

Sign up at no charge here to learn how to focus your team on the most important BD activities, measure and celebrate success, implement flawlessly and build a winning team mentality.


  • A comprehensive, 4-part video series showing how to build a winning team mentality
  • The key mistakes most teams make when working together on business development ... and what to instead
  • The most important elements teams need to make consistent progress, build excitement and a create a culture focused on retention and growth

Perfect for: Anyone on or leading client teams. This series is especially powerful for entire teams to go through together.

Accelerate Your Momentum With a BD Campaign

Need to jump start your growth? Accelerate momentum? Motivate you or your team?

Sign up at no charge here to motivate you and your team, gamify growth, and create immense momentum in the marketplace.


  • Five videos describing the framework for designing and measuring an effective outreach campaign
  • The three specific and practical outreach methods proven to succeed
  • The counterintuitive mindset you'll need to be be successful, broken down by the initial, middle, and final thirds of a successful campaign

Perfect for: Anyone looking to accelerate marketplace momentum, launch a service/product/practice/office, promote an important event, or get the word out about joining a new organization.

Get Your Home Set Up Right And Win More Virtual Meetings

Want to improve your virtual meetings set up and skills?

Sign up at no charge here for an extremely practical course showing how to get your virtual set up right, plan for and lead successful virtual meetings.


  • Three videos giving the key strategies and technical needs to be successful in a home environment
  • Two step-by-step downloads to ensure your success: one to optimize your virtual set up and one to guide proper preparation for high-stakes virtual meetings
  • Insights into how to create meaningful connections in a virtual environment. No air hugs needed.

Perfect for: Individuals and leaders that want improve their virtual presence, meeting prep and results. This course is especially powerful for an entire team planning for an important, high-stakes meeting.

Create Demand In A Virtual World

Want to create demand when you can’t be in person?

Sign up at no charge here to get a 3-part series showing you how to improve your online presence/brand, create meaningful digital content and most importantly, convert your efforts into the winning the meaty work you want.


  • Ground-breaking videos covering the entire process, from dialing up your digital presence through winning the work you want
  • A very specific 3-part process including sample language to use online and in person to attract and win business
  • Several narratives and stories that bring the concepts to life

Perfect for: Professionals looking to grow their book of business and establish new relationships when they can’t be in person.

Scale A Growth Mindset Across An Entire Organization

Want to get more BD traction across your entire organization?

IT has Agile. Accounting has GAAP. High-performing sports teams practice set plays. Why wouldn't your organization have a common playbook for growth?

Sign up at no charge here to learn how to get your entire organization using the same growth playbook. BONUS: This course includes a comprehensive 40+ page workbook detailing every aspect of the process.


  • Our comprehensive Think Big, Start Small, Scale Up cultural change process, brought to life over 5 videos
  • A 44-page instantly downloadable workbook covering every single aspect needed for success!
  • An overview of how our Red Velvet Rope strategy helps organizations change their entire culture by starting with one small, simple step that their people love

Perfect for: C-level, practice, geographic and team leaders wanting to scale growth skills, activities and results.

How to Form and Deepen Relationships with the Right People

Want to get more BD traction across your entire organization?

Want to meet and develop the right new relationships? Need help balancing short-term demands with long-term relationship building? Want to create demand for your offerings and grow a book of business?

Sign up for this dynamic nine-part video training series to learn how to find the right people, be more likable, scale your outreach, stay top of mind, and build a growing book of business-even when you're busy.

Perfect for: Any professional looking to find the right relationships, deepen current client relationships, and create a valuable book of business that is mutually beneficial.

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